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Default Re: Was Witness Lee a Calvinist?

In the story of Philip and the Ethiopian, found in Acts 8:30-35.. which was more important and resulted in the Ethiopian's edification, the fact that the Ethiopian had a Bible and was reading it or the fact that he had Philip to guide and explain it to him?

The importance of Philip as a guide, is even more emphasized by the fact that the Holy Spirit arranged for Philip to act as the guide.

I think what most Christians get wrong is that they think there is something special about learning the Bible but in reality it is not too different to learning english or math or science. It requires time, hard work and diligence. They probably send their children to school, to learn by having a teacher explain things to them, English, Math etc. They don't expect them to learn math for example by reading a textbook on their own. Same with the bible. So in most churches even the ones that use the bible exclusively, they quote scripture to each other without much understanding of what the scripture means, unless they themselves have studied it at home for themself using some sort of study guide. And that is why edification is not merely using the bible alone word for word, but explaining and applying it to the particular situation at hand.
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