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Peter Debelak
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Default Creating Mission - by Chuck Debelak

I don't feel shameful at all in this shameless plug:

My father now has two books available on amazon.com. They are, strictly speaking, missives on education. They are profound in their own right. The first is something of a conceptual history of the school he and my mother started 30 years ago in the corner of the Cleveland meeting hall:


Importantly, they made a point of starting a secular school, though based on Christian values. My father, in the book, credits Titus Chu with this suggestion, in the chapter "A Secular School" in "Creating Mission" book. He also credits a modest donation to get the school going.

Regardless of any turmoil that followed, or even present relationships, there is, I think, a profound connectedness, appreciation and respect between all of us who endeavoured together earnestly. "Power" was not the only driving force. In recent years, when I reconnect with folks I grew up with or who were "over" me in the LC, I have been filled with appreciation and love, even if I can remain outside of old dynamics. Where I grew up, I had multiple metaphoric parents - not just future therapy sessions.
"This [book] will perhaps only be understood by one who has himself already [] thought the thoughts that are expressed herein..." Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logicus Philosophicus
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