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Calling All Saints! This board will serve as a meeting place for ex Local Church members to reestablish contact with other former and current members. GUESTS may post here as well.

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Default Looking for

Does anyone know where Dan Towle (sp?) or Barry Morgan is?
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Default Re: Looking for

I believe Dan is still in Fullerton, and still an elder there. I think he is still involved with the "Defense and Confirmation Project" as well. Anyone who knows different please feel free to correct me.

If this is the Berry that was in the Church in Huntington Beach way back in the 70s (not sure though) then the last I heard he move from California to some other state (can't remember where though) The Berry I remember is a big, VERY tall brother, so again, I'm not sure. Anyone who knows what's become of Berry feel free to let our guest know.
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Default Re: Looking for

If it is the Barry Morgan that I know he and his wife have been living in Russia for many years. They owned a house in irving tx at one point that was before I left the LC in Irving in 2000. Irving became a big supporter of the move to russia with benson Philips taking the regional lead there.
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