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Default Mutant Deputy Authority and Ron Kangas

This morning I opened a book and read one paragraph and it reminded me of the wheel within the wheel in Ezekiel concerning Christ and the church and God's move on the earth. The brother speaking this had just come to America, and brought with him a vision and three decades of church life experience in China, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

The paragraph I read was from messages given in 1963 now in a book called The Life and Way for the Practice of the Church Life.

And many seekers received the vision this "young" 58 year-old Witness Lee brought to the U.S. concerning Christ and the church.

John Ingalls, who was there from the beginning, was in this early fellowship; and Ron Kangas came into this same church life about three years later. For a few years John Ingalls and Ron Kangas were in a church life growing together according to the basic vision that Christ is the life and reality of the church.

RON KANGAS would migrate out of LA and become an elder in a couple of localities, but he would be called later to Anaheim where he was needed to help with publication work at LSM.

JOHN INGALLS was an elder for twenty-five years in Los Angeles and Anaheim and was the first American coworker of Witness Lee.

After a period of time, that blueprint of the church life that Witness Lee brought to the U.S. became compromised. A new vision had been superimposed in the churches. And, added to this was a deplorable scene of moral misconduct and divisive activity in and through the office of Living Stream Ministry.

Philip Lee was the prime incendiary figure involved. Other LSM co-operatives with Philip were sadly guilty also, undermining elderships, including those of John Ingalls, Bill Mallon, and John So who were all quarantined after their efforts to protect their localities from LSM usurpation failed.

Leaders, including John Ingalls, had to take care of their consciences, ultimately, and could not go along with what was happening in the new way. The leadership lost its orientation with Christ as the unique center. The new way would feature a man, a ministry, and a movement. This unavoidably created a 2nd center, which has become a major cause of division. As longtime former elder, Don Bowen said, "We began with Christ as life and ended up with a man and a ministry", who 417 elders and coworkers in the churches pledged in writing to follow in one accord in "the Lord's new move".

John Ingalls resigned during this period of turmoil and Ron Kangas would become an elder in Anaheim, fitting right in with the movement in the same full cover-up mode he maintains today, as displayed in this word from him last year.

Ron Kangas said in his July 5, 2019 multi-faceted message:

"It's just a fact from time to time, a delegated authority, even one with genuine spiritual authority, may make a mistake and you may be aware of it, but that will be a test for you. Don't use that as a pretext for rebellion. Just recognize this deputy authority has an awesome responsibility and is fully accountable to God. God will take care of it."

In other words, "be blind to the mistakes of a leader, care only for God's government, and just keep enjoying Christ".

Ron was primarily responding to Joanna Casteel and her transparent letter that shed light on problems past and present that were of mounting concern to her. And Ron in his speaking desired to shed light on what he considered to be a new rebellion, spawned by her.

She had spoken to or alluded to the "mistakes" made by a leader and by LSM that have been covered up for so many years. And Ron spoke to her "rebellion" for saying so.

It is not that RK is unaware of the history; he is aware enough. He is just under the spellbinding trap of the wind of teaching that blew in, first in Shanghai, not to care for right or wrong or the mistakes of a leader. Just care for life and submit to God's government.

So, Ron is of the notion that being aware of the "mistakes" of a leader is a test to you and he thus poses his standing question, "why do you have to know so much?"


What is indeed irksome is to hear Ron tread lightly about the true history of LSM and WL and say only that, "from time to time a delegated authority, even one with genuine spiritual authority, may make a mistake and you may be aware of it, but that will be a test for you."

The test Ron suggests we are under is about "mistakes" or failures that are beyond the scope and nature to simply cover without severe repercussions to a sensitive conscience.

Thus conscientious ones ponder the question: should we cover up the "mistakes" of a leader (and LSM) or will we let God's light shine in to make straight paths for our feet and for others also in the churches?

The question for Ron, though, is whether or not he passes the test posed by W. Lee when the test to pass was according to the blueprint of brothers Nee and Lee that was carefully in line with the NT practice of the Apostles.

Witness Lee poses a TEST 1963

"Now, I want to add a little word concerning the relationship among the coworkers. In the Scriptures, in Acts and in the Epistles, where you can see many people working for the Lord. But they were not organized together. There was no organization for the churches or for the co-workers, the apostles. Peter and some brothers worked in Jerusalem, in Judea, and Paul and others worked in different places of the Gentile world. There was no organization of the co-workers, and there was no central control over them. They were all sent by the Lord and all worked for the local saints, for the local churches. None was organized with others and none would keep his work in his hands. So there was no problem. As long as we have organization, the problems will come.

"Peter worked for the Lord and Paul also worked for the Lord, but they were not organized together. Sometimes Paul went to Jerusalem to help the church there, and sometimes Peter came to other places where Paul worked to help the churches there. Peter and Paul, however, never formed an organization. Of course, we realize that Peter had a group of co-workers with him, and Paul had another group of co-workers with him. But they're grouping was not an organization. They just went together to serve the Lord.

"There was neither financial control nor central control. Paul received the supply from the Lord for his own living, and his co-workers received the supply from the Lord for their own living. They just took care of one another in love. Since there was no organization among them, everything was so clear, free, and simple. As long as we do not have any kind of organization, everything will remain simple and without trouble." (1963, Life and Way, p. 107-108, paperback)

The test that Ron mentions ought to be according to the Scriptures and not something that has mutated on a path of deviation into an authority and submission system of error....

Some Vision Statements by W. L.ee in the beginning (The Life and Way to Practice the Church Life)

1) We must realize that the local churches don't belong to the apostles or the workers.

2) As the churches of God, the local churches belong to God (1 Cor. 1:2)

3) As the churches of Christ, the local churches belong to Christ (Rom.16:16)

4) As the churches of the saints, the local churches belong to the saints (1 Cor. 14:33)

5) The churches must not belong to any of the workers.

6) The churches are not for the workers, the ministers.

7) The churches are not for the work, the ministry

Portraits of mutated deputy authority in action.


S. I. April 15 - MAY 9, 2020
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Default Re: Mutant Deputy Authority and Ron Kangas

Originally Posted by Indiana View Post
Ron Kangas said in his July 5, 2019 multi-faceted message:

"It's just a fact from time to time, a delegated authority, even one with genuine spiritual authority, may make a mistake and you may be aware of it, but that will be a test for you. Don't use that as a pretext for rebellion. Just recognize this deputy authority has an awesome responsibility and is fully accountable to God. God will take care of it."
As intelligent as Ron Kangas may be, he has it inverted. It's not about being a test for the congregation, but for the leaders. How does the leadership handle the situation when a leader has made a mistake? Those in the congregation that may know about the mistake will be observing and expecting leaders to remain on the straight path and not deviate. Not one former member I ever met had intentions to rebel.
In cases of two standards of justice in the church just as we see in current events, it sends mixed messages. By human nature most I know seek justice be be prevailing. No different in the church. There's scriptural remedy in

Matthew 18:15-17 “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.”

1 Timothy 5:19 “Do not admit a charge against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses.”

Finally, when confronted with the above two passages, For those who have fallen into such a sin, Paul exhorts, 1 Timothy 5:20–21 As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear. In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without prejudging, doing nothing from partiality.

Yet Ron's message doesn't seem all that different from "divine right of kings" how monarchs ruled Europe several centuries ago. They are not accountable to their fellow man, only to God. As that is how Ron among others have presented deputy authority.
"Even a neutral has a right to take account of facts, even a neutral cannot be asked to close his mind or close his conscience."- Franklin D. Roosevelt
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