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Default Practically engaged to an LCer

I'm practically engaged to an LCer. We've been talking about getting married, and lately I've discussed what Sundays and the Christian life would look like after we are married and living together. I really care about this girl, and she would make a really great life long companion because she has qualities I don't see in women of my generation (she's from China, I'm from the US). Everything is good except for our differences in faith. I attend a non-denominational church that's pretty open-minded and warmly welcomes everyone, whereas she attends the LC, which feels like an insider's club. I have expressed my concerns to her, and she simply does not see what I see.

She also has issues with my church, so I suggested we start attending a new church that neither one of us have been to. She suggests the LC is her "life supply", and I keep thinking to myself that her faith is so weak if it depends solely on the LC. We listened to a few episodes of a study by Francis Chan, and I mentioned there were some discussion questions we could go over. She said she's only comfortable answering the questions which she already knows the answer to. What's the point then? She said she can't answer open ended questions because she doesn't have the confidence that she'll answer it "right".

I tried to get her to read "Praise Habit" by David Crowder, but she "forgot" it last night before she left my house. I'm trying to introduce material other than the same old recycled stuff from the LC. Might try some John Piper too. She prefers reading out loud with others and linking the old testament to the new, but I prefer reading to myself or having some topic/discussion driven reading. I've read a lot of content in the morning revival that's erroneous in that it attempts to link some old testament verses to Jesus, but I just don't see it.

I will never be able to get used to the LC, and I'm not sure whether or not she'll be able to get used to anything else. The same attitude prevails from every LCer I've encountered: they think they're right and the legitimate church and everyone else is not right. I have been away from this type of church for so long that it's weird to me for people to behave this way. My girlfriend denies that she feels this way, and I believe her. My weakness is that I'm not much of a reader, theologian, etc. I enjoy spirituality through music quite heavily and also by showing love to all people, though sometimes reading is ok. She doesn't really care for music at all in the spiritual sense. What should I do? Am I on the right track?
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