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Default Who are the leading ones in LC today?

I have a letter for the leading ones in the Local Church. I don't know who it is that I should send it to as I can't find the names of any of them anywhere. I'm talking about those guys that do the speaking at those training conferences. Does anybody have any names and addresses. Who would be best to send it to? The one guys name I know is Ron Gangu; he is not the answer btw. I do like the guy who is American, caucasian, about 50, and has a larger build. Thanks for any help!
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Default Re: Who are the leading ones in LC today?

Hi Unreg,

Mail it c/o Living Stream Ministry Anaheim CA. They all work for it. The PO Box # & zip code are available if you do a search.

The two characters you mentioned? The first is named Ron Kangas, who is one of their primary speakers. The other one is probably Ed Marks. Mail it to him.

God bless you in your communications. May you have abundant grace both to write and to receive.
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Default Re: Who are the leading ones in LC today?

Thank you very much aron. That was a very well thought out last line! I appreciate that sort of wisdom.
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