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Default Each one has

What do you think of this? Each One Has - 1 Corinthians 14:26 I saw this this morning and it aggravated me. To me it was saying that everywhere else is meeting in the wrong way. Even if not actually said. It was not until I started meeting in what some call religion that I saw the body really functioning. Some were singing because that was their gift. Some lead prayer. Some prepared the bulletin ect. The preacher who does not work outside of the Church had spent the whole week or longer preparing a study on Matthew. He had read the Bible and various other resorces. Not just one man's ministry. We all get together during the week to discuss/study Mathew. We speak and interpret from our experience not one persons. If we all have an interpretation, How come only one person's is allowed?
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Default Re: Each one has

Originally Posted by Abounding View Post
If we all have an interpretation, How come only one person's is allowed?
What irritates me is the deception. Lot's of mentioning "The Church". WHAT Church? WHOSE Church? This video shows a nice young man (probably FTT graduate) using all sorts of biblical sounding jargon. So far so good. Checkout the lawyerly looking bookcase in the background....are those the infamous "Green Life Studies" collection there behind him? In that large bookcase, is there ONE book that does not have the name of Witness Lee (or Nee) on it? If I was a betting man.......
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Default Re: Each one has

I'm not sure if I totally understand the question's topic, but I will say this...

Although it may seem so from an outside perspective, non LRC churches are not totally dependent on the pastor's interpretation. Yes, it is held in much respect because that person attended seminary and therefore has a greater knowledge of the Bible than the basic person, but that does not mean that their interpretations are always 100% believed as truth. Even then, it's never one man's interpretation. The way I've seen it done is that the congregation will hold Bible studies in smaller groups were they might choose to discuss the particular passage that the pastor covered. In that way, everyone gets a chance to have their say, which is not always possible in a group of 100+ people. I think that is the ultimate downfall of the LRC...it's only one guy's interpretation. I've literally heard this said, "the Bible can be interpreted differently by different people" as if it were a bad thing. Sure, it can be, if someone's interpretation leads to some crazy conclusions, but on the whole, each person's interpretation, when shared with the whole, can be very enlightening. Everyone choosing to go along with one person's interpretation as the absolute...well, I guess you can understand why many call the LRC a cult of Witness Lee.
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