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Introductions and Testimonies Please tell everybody something about yourself. Tell us a little. Tell us a lot. Its up to you!

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Default A Sister's Testimony

I grew up in this church. It took tremendous courage to #walkaway @ 18. I have spent many hours to re-write my brain from the deleterious effects of this wicked cult.

As a woman, I was diminished and treated as a second class citizen. Taught that I was nothing, had no value, was separated from my sexual nature which I severely repressed. I was taught that I would have an arranged marriage some day. I was taught never to question the teachings, to be 100% obedient to all the adults in the church. The older women teach the younger women how to be afraid, how to hate themselves, how to be very afraid of people not in the church, how to hate their bodies, how to not turn into Eve, Jezebel and be more like Esther.

$250,000 of therapy later...I'm still working Mr. Lee's energetic teachings of severe separation out of my system. I believe people are taught to actually pray and curse against people in prayer meetings. Some dense and wicked energy moves through the vacant soul's, unfortunately, I don't think it is the love of Christ. IOver time people shut down their heart more and more and more and are easily controlled. You must have a low self esteem to begin with and it will degrade slowly over time.

There is no glorious church life as you will find just a group of people pretending to be loving and nice and under that they are all competing for who can be the most spiritual and who can be invited to eat at the elder's tables. I was only raised to one day be a breeder for the the Lord's recovery. That wast the only acceptable model presented to me.
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