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Introductions and Testimonies Please tell everybody something about yourself. Tell us a little. Tell us a lot. Its up to you!

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Question Greetings from a young person currently in the LC

I've recently signed up on this forum after periodically looking at threads in incognito for a period of time. I'm currently a young person in the church life, but I've been reconsidering my beliefs for a while now. I dont wanna talk about everything, but I'll reveal a little bit

In the past, I was a little bit skeptical about the church, but I talked with a brother in SSOT about this issue, and after that conversation, I dismissed my thoughts.

Sorry if my opinion sounds harsh, by the way, but it does get harsh at this point in the post (warning you ahead of time). Feel free to correct me if any of my opinions are incorrect

However, I started to get concerned about two years ago in the wintertime when I was learning about cults such as Jehovah's Witnesses. I learned about some dark things about them, and while during that time, I started to have doubts about the church and kind of related the church to some of their problems some former believers had from Jehovah's Witnesses. I started looking up articles about what is a cult, and after reading some of them, it heightened my suspicions about the LC itself, as well as browsing some threads on this website. I then told a teacher about my concerns (which I mishandled), and my parents found out about my suspicions and "accusations". I was so embarrassed back then that I decided not to have doubts about the church.

However, this year, I started having doubts again, and I went back into this forum to read some interesting threads periodically. It wasn't until this past month that I've been browsing on this forum regularly, and a week or so ago, I found out about Jo's open letter to the saints along with other info on this website that crashed my world. I never knew that there would be this many problems in the LC, and I have lost a lot of faith in the LC, specifically LSM and brother Lee. Now I'm reconsidering if I want to be a believer or if I want to leave this LC entirely for good.

Whelp, theres a part of my recent bio. Thanks for being open to new members like me .
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