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Default Asking forgiveness from those we hurt while following the Lord's Recovery

Request: testimonies on asking forgiveness from those we hurt while following the Lord's Recovery.

Lying awake last night, I realized what was most pressing on me, what would be my biggest regret if I did not get it accomplished in my lifetime, would be asking forgiveness from those I hurt while "following the Lord's Recovery".

I recently spoke with someone who was hurt by a family member in the Lord's Recovery and found I was able to provide some comfort and help them accept that person's limitations and move on.

I would like to see I can do the same with people with whom I cultivated relationships but whom I in the end pushed aside as "unreceptive gospel friends", when they actually seemed to have really cared for me as a person. It's one thing if someone knows enough of the history to follow the narrative of what "Lord's Recovery" was about, but how to explain to someone who was never "in the churches"?

What have you done? I want to take responsibility for my actions. I'm thinking something along the lines of: "I was pursuing this elitist/isolationist Christian group and I didn't treat you with the love and respect that you deserve. All these years later, I still regret this deeply. I admired you a great deal and I felt your care for me. I apologize for my behavior. I hope you are currently with authentic and caring friends and family."
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Default Re: Asking forgiveness from those we hurt while following the Lord's Recove

I haven't had to apologize this specific way, but I've had to apologize many times about other things. I think a sincere, heartfelt apology, with no qualifications, is more important than the specific words, though.

I commend and support your exploring this idea and hope the Lord leads you and others to reconciliation and healing with your brothers and sisters. We know he will eventually. It's our destiny. But it is better to reach it sooner rather than later.
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