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If you really Nee to know Who was Watchman Nee? Discussions regarding the life and times of Watchman Nee, the Little Flock and the beginnings of the Local Church Movement in Mainland China

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Default Nee's Local Church

Nee in "normal christian church life" defines a local church as:

A local church is a church which comprises all the children of God in a given locality.

Therefore a local church must constitute all believers (including those in denominations) within that locality.

Nee in no way gives the sense of a Local Church (capital L,C), as in a building with a sign which reads "Local Church".

Nee appears to rule out the practice of establishing Local Churches (capital L and C) in a place where believers already exist. If there is a place where there are only denominational Christians, the goal would be to make converts and help to establish them to meet apart from the denominations, without forming a Local Church.

A practice to establish any Local Church whether under Nee's or Lee's ministry, is wrong according to Nee.

Nee also implies that a worker should seek out any children of God within a locality that are not in a denomination, and minister to them, without affiliating himself or his ministry with them, or attempting to bring them under his ministry as a 'branch church'.

I believe to build any sort of church based upon any ministry, including Nee's or Lee's, is sectarian and divisive.

If Nee or Lee comes to a particular city, rather than establish a "Local Church" under their ministry, they should seek out groups of believers not meeting in any denomination, and minister to them, without attempting to bring them under their control or sphere.
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