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Introductions and Testimonies Please tell everybody something about yourself. Tell us a little. Tell us a lot. Its up to you!

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Default New - just saying hello

Hey all,

I've been lurking around the boards for a little while now and have found it quite interesting. It has helped me fill in some blanks from my families past involvement with the LC and reasons why we left.

My parents were both involved with the LC in San Diego since the 70's. If I remember correctly my dad even became a believer because of a LC brother. Shortly after my brother and I were born in '80 - '83 my family moved from San Diego to Arizona to help establish a LC out here. We were involved there until the late 80's early 90's when my parents made the decision to leave the movement.

Even though I was only in the LC until I was 10 I have many memories about our time there and it amazes my wife how I can so easily fall into what we have called the "LC Style" of speaking and praying. After leaving we did still have some involvement in the LC as my aunt and uncle and their children are still involved and we still have a dear family friend in San Diego who chose to remain close to us even after we left. Whenever we would visit them we would attend meetings with them in San Diego, even up through my high school years, but that was once a year or couple years.

My parents have not spoken too openly about their decision to leave, although through the years I have been able to put pieces of the story together from conversations with them or with others who left about the same time. I know they were deeply wounded by the saints, many of whom had been dear friends for nearly 20 years.

After leaving the LC my family became involved with a group called "The Church in Scottsdale" led by a former LC elder named Bill Freemen. After a short time however it became clear that some of the same abuses experienced in the LC were happening with this new fellowship, so once again my parents made the decision to leave. That was their last regular meeting attendance. Like many of you they have found it difficult to find a local body of believers that feel they fit in with. They do have regular fellowship with other believers, both former LC members and those who have never been part of the LC.

As for myself I found a "home" with a wonderful group of believers here in AZ while I was in high school. I now work full time with the young people at our "church" and am loving it.

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me to better understand my parents story and the experiences they had. It would not surprise me if some of you may have known my parents at one point, as I have already seen some names mentioned on this site that I am familiar with.

Thanks again and God bless
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Default Re: New - just saying hello

HEY there!!

Welcome ! Welcome!!

I too am a former San Diego-an.

Your parents paths & mine probably crossed.

I sent you a PM.

Hope you and your family...your parents are doing well...

Stick around..

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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Default Re: New - just saying hello


Thanks for saying 'hello'. It pleasantly surprises me when I find others joining in the conversation I/we are having. It is a great validation from the Lord. I already enjoy the discussions we're having (it's why I'm having them), but for someone to chime in from out of the Great Beyond is to me the "bonus round", like "to them that has shall be given", or something. It's always a treat when folks introduce themselves.

Thanks for your note and peace to you and yours.
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Bill W
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Default Re: New - just saying hello

XFEVV,thank you for sharing your personal experience.I like so many other saints are learning that following Christ comes with a price.Jesus came unto His own and His own knew Him not.He was dispised and rejected of men;a man of sorrows acquainted with grief. Many times the christian pilgrimage leads us to places that we were not expecting,and they go beyond our comprehension.We are like sheep being led to the slaughter while many times there seems no way out except God Himself.Friends,family members,and even brothers and sisters in Christ can render us no help when God is drawing a saint to Himself alone.Look to the hills as we may for help,but our only help will come from God Himself.

Why does God allow such attrocities?It's so that we become more and more conformed to His image so that His life may be manifested in our death experiences.Sorry to say this matter,but He even gives us over to death that His life may be manifested to us.Many times we look to man or groups to be our Savior when all along that was the place only reserved for God Himself.When the Lord smashes these idols that we built within our heart to take His place,then we feel lost and helpless because we worshipped them instead of the True God for so many years.

Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that He doesn't give up on us in this hopeless and helpless condition.Little by little His love woes us and wins us over until we have the realization that only Christ should be the center and focus of the christian life.All other ground that even includes Witness Lee and the local churches or any other replacement is sinking sand.The road to recovery is the same road we took when we first believed.Repent and come back to the One whom we first believed;he hasn't moved away but we did.He is the same yesterday,today,and forever,and nothing and no one can ever separate us from His Love.

When we repent for all other loves other than Christ,then we find that He has been waiting for a long time for us to come back to our senses.He has been waiting for us to surrender ourselves completely and willingly to Him with no mixture or other loves.At first you may be shocked that Christ is even here outside of all our previous "security blankets",but little by little His love draws you deeper and deeper to the security and rest of His Dear Self.When you let go and let God be God,then you are on the road to being healed and delivered from all the distractions that previous bewitched you,led your soul into captivity and bondage, and imprisoned your spiritual life away from the One whom You first called Lord, My First Love, My Best Love,and My Bridegroom.The Lord is faithful and merciful to all those ones who call upon Him in their hour of need.May His mercy,grace,and Love find you out today,and may they bring you back home to Him and Him alone.

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