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If you really Nee to know Who was Watchman Nee? Discussions regarding the life and times of Watchman Nee, the Little Flock and the beginnings of the Local Church Movement in Mainland China

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Default What's difference between Nee's full time training and Lee's?

I've read Watchman Nee's history concerning his full time training center in 1948, Kuling mountain, Fukian. I have no enough information about this full time training center found by Watchman Nee before his being arrested in 50s. Do you think that Nee's FTT is different from FTTA ? And do you have any information about Kuling mountain? I have done some research about this mountain and I'm not sure if Kuling mountain is the Lu mountain considered as World heritage from UNESCO and influential center of eastern religion and philosophy such as Mahayana buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.
Maybe it's the same place mentioned in Nee's history of full time training center.

We have some trace of LSM training influenced by eastern religion and philosophy here. What do you think about this? Do you have some information about Nee's FTT?
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