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History by Don Rutledge History of Local Church in America

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Default Local Church History

I have appreciation for the writing Don Rutledge has done thus far. His writing is from a high level personal experience. It is interesting to read about local church history regardless if its positive or negative. Over the decades there are events and personalities that become forgotten. Often in the local churches when brothers and sisters stop meeting, they are forgotten. Even while I was meeting I'd ask questions seeking answers why was brother _____ rebellious? Why did brother ______ leave? Usually the answers were bland one word answers without touching the cause or explaining what had happened. Do brothers and sisters ever wonder what became of Albert Zehr, John Smith, Ned Nossaman, Al Knoch, etc. In part talking about brothers who gave up careers to serve full-time. It never made sense. In our present time and in years to come, we may never fully understand. In our hearts there is a knowing without having the knowledge. There just might be some issues left to be dealt with at the Judgment Seat. Until that time arrives, we are still in the age of grace.

On another note when there were discussions about local church history, it was usually about the Elden Hall years. Perhaps because that time was the highest joy for many meeting in the local churches at that time. I think the cause for those years being such a high point is centering on Christ with the saints through the Bible was simplified. Brothers and sisters were unencumbered by distractions that came in following years and decades to come.
Whatever brother Don chooses to write, keep writing brother. I have waited years for a brother like you to present a history that illustrates "both sides of the coin".

Terry Fisher

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Originally Posted by Terry View Post

Whatever brother Don chooses to write, keep writing brother. I have waited years for a brother like you to present a history that illustrates "both sides of the coin".

Terry Fisher
I echo brother Terry's words of appreciation and encouragement. I remember reading "Fermentation of the Present Rebellion" not long after I had joined the group. I had joined in a very emotional way, giving myself wholly to the teachings and practices. It was akin to being married; you overlook anything negative in a swirl of rapturous emotions and declarations. Then one day you wake up and realize your new 'family' is whispering of dark things going on.

I read the "FPR" as a newbie, taking in every word as gospel truth. The possibility that there were any redeeming qualities in the 'rebellious' ones was not considered. The only fault in the author was that he had been too trusting, too lenient with the guilty parties.

Today I realize history is more complex than that. "FPR" and other such documents tried to be the definitive assessment of events, and to give the final, authorative word. Don Rutledge's history is more cautious, admitting its provisional nature as being one person's impressions and recollections, and is thus much stronger as a source for those who want to know what really happened in the "Lord's Recovery".
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