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Default Correspondence From Albert & Janet Zehr

Dear Brother Steve and Friends.

I have received your periodic releases, and am deeply impressed by your sincere desire to bring light and truth to the LSM situation, but even more upon receiving reports of your fruitful ministry in Philippines. I have rarely responded, partly because the Lord has placed us on a greatly accelerated pace, in seeing renewal and restoration in His body. In April we saw about one hundred, who had been in many divisions of Anabaptist, Hutterite and Amish come together in love and harmony. After such a meeting a little boy told me that while I was speaking “someone” dressed in pure white walked up the aisle and then disappeared inside me. I was stunned to hear this and then the Lord told me that when his divided children drop their issues and agendas and come together He will not only visit, but come in and abide. That day many repented and confessed their past judgments toward others and asked for forgiveness.

In May we were in Leipzig Germany where some four hundred believers from various denominations came together in one accord. The Lord’s presence was overwhelming and swallowed up all differences, and caused many to repent of their prejudices and judgments. In June I was permitted to share the Gospel at a business meeting attended by 4000 professionals.

In July we were in Hong Kong where over 20,000 believers most from China worshiped and rejoiced in the Lord, without agenda or famous speaker. Thousands waited for hours at the door of the arena to be able to get close to the front! Among them were the key leaders of the five house church movements covering over 60,000,000.

In September we were in Ireland with a team meeting with some 70 Christian leaders many who had never been together before, and the oil of blessing promised in Psalm 133 poured over us. On the final morning while the leaders said they wanted to meet together again in such harmony perhaps in March. At that moment someone shouted,”Look out the window!” There was a bright rainbow in the shape of a smile. It came and left in a few moments.
October 13 to 16 we will in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia. Our daughter and son-in-law have labored there for eight years, bringing together Christian leaders, and during this Gathering some 2000 will come together to bask in the beauty of unity and seek to know the mind of the Lord concerning what is on His heart for their nation. Their beginning to walk together has already given the church greater authority and there has been a shift even in the government of that nation.

I could go to great detail in each case, but I share this not as boast, but as a praise offering to our Lord. also, hopefully you will see why I have no appetite to even respond to the accusations against certain of the Lord’s servants. One thing we have learned is that the churches authority both in the natural and in the spiritual is directly related/equivalent to the unity. Tell me, do you sense that the church in America has great impact and spiritual authority? Is there love, harmony, and honor among the spiritual leaders? Even parents have little authority in their home if they are not in unity.

Dear Ones, I acknowledge that I gained much from our many years in the local church. But one thing I have had to unlearn in fact beg the Lord to break in me is that critical, analytical judgmental spirit, that assumes that where I am, and how I see things is the ultimate standard. Allowing that to be replaced by father’s love and honor for all of God’s children has seen walls fall down, love and harmony flow. Even if children hold counterfeits, or even false doctrines, they will gladly drop them in exchange for the love and embrace of a true father who cares more about them than for himself and his righteousness.

Dear Ones, please forgive me if this is too strong, but we sense there is little time to “think things through,” or “find our way,” it is time to desperately ask Him to speak to our spirit and to pay any price to “let go and let God!” then we are assured He will do great and mighty thinks which are far beyond all we could ask or think, Amen

We send our love and blessing to all,
Albert & Janet Zehr
Now Unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy (Jude 24)
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Default Re: Correspondence From Albert & Janet Zehr

Thank you for sharing this couple's testimony UntoHim. We need more testimonies of how God through His Spirit and His Living Word is truly working through us and in us beyond the LSM.

I especially was moved by these words:
one thing I have had to unlearn in fact beg the Lord to break in me is that critical, analytical judgmental spirit, that assumes that where I am, and how I see things is the ultimate standard. Allowing that to be replaced by Fatherís Love and honor for all of Godís children has seen walls fall down, Love and Harmony flow.
As a post script....we must remember to hold on to the Truth and if we do see error in fundamental TRUTHS...such as someone saying Jesus is not God...only the Son of God, we must correct them with gentleness and in LOVE with the Word of God.

Again...thanks for sharing this testimony with the forum UntoHim.

Carol G
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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