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Default Open Letter to Minoru 2018 - Eliminating the Internet Problem

September 30, 2018

Hello Minoru,

I am interested to know if you received my email last week, appealing to you for fellowship. It is much better to have fellowship, full and thorough, than to go onto the internet. Do you like the way of fellowship, Minoru? Will you take this way? Please kindly let me know.

Hopefully before 6 pm today. (That was Sunday, yesterday, Sept 30) copied 3 blending brothers.......there has been no response from brother Minoru Chen.

Your brother in Christ,

Steve I.

************************************************** ***

sent the 1st email 6 days ago

steve isitt
Date: Tue, Sep 25, 2018, 3:28 PM
Subject: Re: Greetings Minoru - Internet Problem Elimination
To: Minoru...

Dear Minoru, (intro to Minoru letter link at end)

I listened to a few messages of yours recently and was surprised in certain ways by you. Your burden is immense. Your esteem for Witness Lee remains intense and probably has increased since his ministry ceased in 1997. I understand your appreciation but many do not.

Neither do many people understand mine for Brother Lee, after being put out of the mainstream fellowship for addressing both the costs and the benefits of the new way. This was not appreciated by Dan Towle who I asked for fellowship over my deep and heartfelt concerns expressed in In the Wake of the New Way. But there has been a huge benefit to remaining positive and also in my being brought out of the mainstream.

You are in the mainstream I am not, but I am in the joy of the Lord and many in the mainstream are not. You have made clear to everyone who will listen, that you want to recover the Joy in the church life, and restore the impact “the recovery” once had.

Although I am not in the mainstream, I am in the fellowship of the Son regarding you and others in the mainstream, and, in a rich sense of life and peace I have prepared a letter for you. I hope you will receive it in a spirit of fellowship and love in the Body of Christ.

I would like to have ongoing meaningful dialogue with you in the light unto building up. One big problem ahead for you is the internet forum, which anyone contacted in this push for the gospel (thousands) might and will become subjected to. I would like to help you eliminate or greatly diminish its negative impact. When I contacted DCP in 2012 a few miles from their office, they declined the invitation to meet.

Of a truth, Minoru, you or I would contract a problem if we were new ones contacting the forum for information about Witness Lee, the local churches, Watchman Nee, LSM….We didn’t have that type of introduction to the church. Far from it. People would appreciate “the true church” creating for them a clean slate on an unfettered ground to meet upon and invite their friends and everyone else to -- like I did. Henry Hon did. You did.

Two sisters from Austin, former full timers who became married, found the writings of two brothers to be compelling, but the forum in general to be mixed with vitriol. Don Rutledge and Steve Isitt were the names mentioned and they went to their husbands and to an elder. He did what elders do, and without contact with me, dismissed the matter. That is the easiest thing to do. But compelling writings still exist, and by others also, but so does the vitriol exist. Are you right to criticize the forum as being “unkind to us” and not take time to field their major concerns intelligently?

Actually Minoru, it would be a big benefit to you to break the tradition of avoiding contact with dissenting ones and instead make honorable attempts at understanding what should be collectively considered by you and others to be serious and legitimate concerns, even ones of the highest order. Such concerns are real and new ones will be legitimately alarmed and stumbled, by the hundreds – this is not a roadblock to have waiting for them. Even messages that are compelling and non-vitriolic can be factors of stumbling to your new ones. There are scores of messages and messengers like this. All of this must be dealt with honorably before God and man. God is not mocked.

If people on the forum would get a solid, strong message from you and LSM that validates specifically their hottest concerns, this would go a long way toward diminishing the interest to “vent” on negative issues. Even if general acknowledgements and concessions are appropriately made on specific matters of grievous concern, I am sure we could make healthy progress in this way, by doing what is right and honorable in the sight of all men and of God. You have this opportunity to clear the way for Revival.

"Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;". Psalms 89:14

In Watchman Nee’s Further Talks on the Church Life (1948-1951), he shares at the end of his ministry, and according to experience and observation, “We must realize that where there is not the Holy Spirit, there is not the church. The church is absolutely not Witness Lee, Chang Yu-zhi, nor Yu Cheng-hwa; the church must only be the Holy Spirit. In other words, the church from beginning to end can only have one authority, one power, and one life, which is the Holy Spirit.” (p. 11, soft cover)

“Regardless of what kind of position a brother may have, whether he be an overseer, an apostle or a deacon, whenever he establishes or manifests his own authority, he loses and ruins the whole ground of the church. The whole ground of the church is established upon the authority of the Holy Spirit. Whenever His authority is offended, the authority of the church is gone.” P. 14, soft cover)

“Whenever the Holy Spirit cannot move, whenever the individuals stand out, it means there is some problem and the church is damaged so that it can no longer be called a church. “Today there is so much of man’s opinion, man’s decision, man’s methods, man’s organization, man’s name, and man’s tradition in the groups that call upon the name of the Lord. I do not wish to say more about this. From the beginning to the end since we were called out by the Lord, there is a fundamental ground – that is we must obey and establish the authority of the Holy Spirit in the church and destroy our own authority. (P. 16-17)

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Default Re: A remarkable account / "things floating around on the internet"

It's a very interesting conference that Minoru gave in Chicago as well as Southern CA. Here is the link to the Chicago conference. Yes he talks about the internet problem and his extreme push for the gospel and a year of Jubilee for 2019.
Excerpts from letter to Minoru based on Chicago mtg 2

"It is not like it was in the LA days with people coming into meetings, new ones added every day - one meeting is all it took to capture people." ....p. 3

“I know there are still things floating around on the internet, saying things
that are unkind to us.... p. 3

“We need to have our courage recovered regardless of what people say. We are
coming out of our bunker mentality! We're going to walk around, show our
face, with no shame. What are we shameful about? What are we afraid
for?.... p. 4
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