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The Local Church in the 21st Century Observations and Discussions regarding the Local Church Movement in the Here and Now

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Default Definition of "The Lordīs Recovery"

For some "The Lordīs Recovery" is Godīs up to date move to recover lost Biblical truths and practices in order to build up the church and bring Christ back, .... for others the Recovery is a cult, cult, cult and a cult. And then there is everything in between.

Nobody is going to define it 100% correctly, we all have different backgrounds, experiences, and understandings. Even our own definition might change with time.

My definition now is,

The Recovery is a religious organization centered around the person and teachings of Witness Lee composed of a mixture of scriptural and enlightening teachings and practices about the christian faith, the purpose of human life and the overall meaning of the Bible, mixed with unscriptural and cultish teachings and practices that have the potential to cause severe spiritual, psychological, physical, and financial damage to its members.

What is your definition?
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