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Little Flock/Local Church Spinoffs Various groups or ministries which are lead by former members/followers of Watchman Nee's Little Flock or Witness Lee's Local Church

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Default A new Prayer Hymn

Build up Thy Church, O Lord!

1. Build up Thy Church, O Lord!
We pray in one accord;
“The gates of Hades shall not prevail” —
Thy words will never fail.

Build up the One Body —
One New Man expressing Thee;
May all parts and joints function as one,
And let Thy will be done.

2. We thank Thee for the key,
The Church’s authority,
We all would bind Thy enemy,
And loose the souls for Thee.

3. Revived each morn, we pray
To prevail the whole day;
Make us gold, silver, precious stones,
Built upon Christ alone.

4. Make Thy home in our hearts,
Let Satan have no part;
By Thy own blood, we overcome,
That Kingdom Age may come.

5. Make Her Thy glorious Bride,
Kept from the worldly tide;
Do nourish Her and cherish Her —
She’ll reign with Thee fore’er.

6. Unto glory, that day,
We’ll walk Thy narrow way;
New Jerus’lem will be ready,
The Lamb’s wife e’er to be.

Reuel Teoh
church in Whitehorse, Australia

There were 7 angels (messengers) for 7 churches in Rev 2,3 all in the Lord's hand. "One central control" by LSM is NOT scriptural.
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Default Re: A new Prayer Hymn

Amen. May I add a "footnote"?

I am often reminded Jesus hung out with friends and the lost while He was teaching, training His disciples to take up the slack through His SPIRIT once He left the earth to return to His Father and sit on His Right Hand.

Jesus hung out with Mary, Martha and Lazarus in their home. He hung out in the streets, by the mountain and hillsides..by the sea, in boats....and on occasion taught in the synagogue.

I think the purpose of fellowshipping one with another is not only to read, study and pray His Word that we may be strengthened, enlightened and encourage one another..to build up the Body of Christ.

Also to be sanctified by the Blood and the Word of God (Jesus) AND to lead people to Christ.

We need to teach them the scriptures so they can grow strong in Love, Light, Truth and the Word...that they may be equipped to do the same.

That said, the Words of that Hymn are true. Much of the church today has lost her first Love, has turned into into Laodacean church and/or is becoming a one world religion.

May the Spirit create us in all a clean heart and enlighten us to repent.

When people see us filled with the Love, Truth, the Word of God and Life of Glory, they will want what we have...Christ in us. May we all be ready to lead them to Christ and disciple them as we are commanded..go out and disciple all the nations.

Blessings and thanks for sharing,

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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