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Oh Lord, Where Do We Go From Here? Current and former members (and anyone in between!)... tell us what is on your mind and in your heart.

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Default Recovering from the Recovery

Many of us are on here because we recognize that we picked up some things in the LCs that we now have received better light on. Some of us bros in Scottsdale say that we are still recovering from the Recovery some 25 - 30 years later! That is, certain teachings got into us that were a hindrance to us going on with the Lord and fellowshiping well with all His saints.

(And let me add that ALL Christian groups have their "warts" - it's what Adam is all about! So the LC may be unique in some of its teachings, but it doesn't have the market cornered on warts, by any means. I believe we are all recovering from one erroneous concept or another, no matter where we've been.)

So what are those things? Of course, this whole website is devoted to much of that. But I'll share just two teachings or concepts right now, to start us off, that the Lord has had to do recovery work in me about.

1. Elitism - probably enough has been posted on here regarding this. Took me quite awhile to discover that there are many others who are conveying the riches of Christ, and a few who are also conveying God's real purpose in the Church. Now I can enjoy a wide range of authors and I'm free to gather with any God has purchased with His own blood!

2. Unhealthy Fear of the Bema Seat - This is really the one that's plagued many of us for so long. Fear involves torment. Fear is used to control. The law is fearful. But "perfect love casts out all fear."

I don't know if it was just my relative immaturity when I was in the LC (I started at 18 through my mid 30s), or how much of this was purposely conveyed. But my picture was that "God is going to get His purpose and if you stand in His way, He's like a steamroller that will roll right over you to get what He's after!" Basically, I thought God would kill me if I got out of line, and was sort of looking over my shoulder all the time.

But when I came to the Scottsdale Church, before long I saw that it was all about His love toward us. He loves us! His purpose is all wrapped-up and executed because of His love for us! This was a huge shift for me and I realized that God's love is what unlocks the deeper understanding of the Bible. I saw more and so much was opened to me in a very short time, than all the years I spent in the Recovery hearing "God is a steamroller" type things. This is HUGE and a major shift in my thinking!

Praise God for the Truth in His word!!!!!!!!

A lot more I could say about #2, but I'll leave it at that for now - add what you feel to.
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Default Re: Recovering from the Recovery

I would agree that all Christian groups (and all Christians) have their warts. I know I do! Now I can only speak from my experience in 20ish years of being a believer, having lived in many different cities and visiting dozens of churches on almost every continent- but the LSM churches are MUCH more dangerous than what you’ll find in mainstream Christianity today. You’ve named a couple reasons here in this thread, but the site is full of detailed explanations about the errors of the LSM and Witness Lee.

I pray that the spirit of confusion is lifted from brothers and sisters trapped in the LSM and they learn to know and love their creator and savior in a real and tangible way.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
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Default Re: Recovering from the Recovery

I don't count some of the theological things as big as the ones I mentioned. I mean, many of these things have been kicked around for a couple thousand years. For instance, the exact nature of the so called Trinity or Triune God. Who can get to the bottom of this? Creation itself is too marvelous, let alone the Creator.

As John Locke said, "I cannot comprehend the mystery of a single flower, neither is it intended that I should!" Trying to do so is like engaging in the proverbial "How many angels would fit" debate . . . In any case, I'll let others do that.

(and if the old creation was way beyond understanding - what about what He's brought forth in the new creation?)

But you may also be referring to the control the LC exercised over others.

So starting with the list I began, here are the sins (i.e., off the mark) of the Recovery:

1. Elitism
2. Unhealthy Fear of the Bema Seat
3. Theological Errors
4. Unhealthy Control
5. What to list next ????

Do those sound like good categories?

Again, personally I think 1 & 2 are the ones that affected me most, but others may differ in their experience.

BTW - I've been compelled to start a new thread about the good things the Recovery has brought forward - let's see how that goes!
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Default Re: Recovering from the Recovery

Does anyone have any suggestions about keeping a young woman from leaving Ohio and heading to Annaheim?? She is already be alienated from her family!
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Default Re: Recovering from the Recovery

Thanks for your inquiry.

Unfortunately you have been put in a really difficult situation...one that many people have been put in over the years. Thoughts and prayers will be going your way from the LocalChurchDiscussions family.

Here are a couple of suggestions from me...for whatever they are worth:

#1 Speak the truth to this person as best you know it. It will be hard. It will be uncomfortable. The saying "the truth hurts sometimes" may not be biblical per se, but it usually fits the situation when it comes to these matters. When I say "speak the truth", I do NOT mean that you should be harsh, insensitive or certainly not bullish. What I mean is to speak the truth AS YOU KNOW IT - as you know it from the Word, as you know it from what the Holy Spirit is telling you, and the truth as it is from your human experience and knowledge.

#2 Pray about the situation and just as importantly, fellowship about it with other Christians you know and trust. We are all members one of another. God speaks from his Word, but He also speaks through and among the members of the Body. This is one of the biggest reasons that LocalChurchDiscussions was initiated and has continued for all these years.

#3 If possible and practical, ask for a time of fellowship with their local elders/parents/influential person. (with this person present if you think it will help the sistuation) It may or may not have a favorable outcome, but at least your concerns will be on the table for all concerned to consider.

Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:21)
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