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Default Re: Poor, poor Christianity...

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
First of all Drake, you apparently are a member of a group that has desperately sought to be considered "a clear legitimate bonafide member of Christianity" for a number of years now. (Thankfully without much success)...

I brought the topic up to discuss Brother Lee's belief and characterization "poor poor Christianity" because it has been mentioned as a point of criticism in this forum. Yet, from the first time I heard Brother Lee make that statement I could easily scroll through the rolodex of my christian experience and think of many examples of exactly what he meant. As I said in the base note, not every Christian group fits the characterization but enough do to validate the statement he made. It does not need to be true 100% of the time to be a true statement. I expected that many in this forum would argue for moral equivalency and they did but, I had not considered how deeply ingrained this teaching of "judge not" dismisses the clear condemnation of works, teachings, and practices identified by our Lord in Revelation 2 & 3. And it is ironic that those who hold that belief of "judge not" in practice judge a lot.. a whole bunch actually.

So, that's the discussion, it is not a straw man and even if I were so inclined there is no need for one. Instead, we will systematically review the various scenarios of Christianity using the public record and make our own conclusions.

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