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Default Re: Poor, poor Christianity...

An elder caught me reading a different version before the meeting started.

Elder: Do not read other versions except the Recovery version. We have a rich footnotes than those poor, poor Christianity's bibles.

Me: *thinking of Revelation 3:17

He almost called me to the elder's room just to stop me using ESV. Sounds like KJV only.

I do not feel burdened to charge the saints to go home and study beyond what is in the truth lessons, but all the elders should promote the reading of the Recovery Version, the gold bar, in the homes plus all the Life-studies and other publications by the Living Stream Ministry. These will be their library books. Besides attending the meetings to learn the truth, they should read these spiritual publications every day. (Elders' Training, Book 08: The Life-Pulse of the Lord's Present Move, Chapter 5, Section 5)
My burden is that we must take good care of the young ones among us. Do not bring them into peril so that they would be occupied with the wrong things. We have a pure system of publications which comprise all the main things of the divine, spiritual, and heavenly things. These publications are very adequate for all the young saints among us to have a good foundation laid and a strong standing established. Then they could go on, not to learn more things from the old books, but to check the old books and to get themselves confirmed.

For us to bring the young ones into the old books without consideration is a peril and a risk. It is not safe. What you young ones can use as reference books, however, are the dictionaries, lexicons, and concordances. Nearly all the dictionaries have some good points. No dictionary, however, is complete and all differ from one another. Never be satisfied with one. You must use more than one. When you investigate a word, do not be satisfied with one dictionary’s definition. You must look into others. These are the only things which I would recommend for you young ones to use—the lexicons, the dictionaries of languages, and the concordances of the Bible. You should use these references in the way of comparison. This will help you. (Elders' Training, Book 04: Other Crucial Matters Concerning the Practice of the Lord's Recovery, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)
How can the elders check the old books? They haven't read a single old book, not even a booklet. They would never waste their time spending other books. And what about 21st century books?

I tried brought a book with me by John Piper to see what their reactions are. But oh boy
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