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First LofT. You are not my Lord, not my God, not the Spirit , not my elder, not my wife, not my mom or dad, nor an authority in scripture to demand that I not follow the Lords speaking to me from the Bible and according to His leading.

Iíll accept your point of view as a peer, a brother in the Lord, providing you are actually willing to give it.

Now, to the second part of your post you have ignored the question on the table. Are not most of the 10 Articles an example of poor poor Christianity? We are discussing a teaching of Brother Lee. Please show us why that is not a perfect example of said teaching. You argument is false, it is a type of moral equivalency.

I'm not sure what you mean Drake, of coarse I'm none of those things.

My point is simple Drake - you're attempting to describe poor poor Christianity but refuse to look at the state of your own church. I've been all over the world and visited countless churches. Your church, created by witness lee and continued through the LSM is one of the most flawed I've ever seen. Yet, you continue to point to these other churches and all their problems (on a forum specifically created to discuss your church). I guess you're unable to see the irony in that.

I feel for you, and I think about you often. I picture you as an older man with dark hair, going about your day as any normal man with dark hair would. When I think of poor Christianity I think of the brothers and sisters trapped in the LSM, I think about you Drake. I don't say this as someone who was hurt by the church, actually quite the opposite. I was close with people who you probably know of and look up to (at least many in Anaheim do). I was good building material and was treated so much better than some of the other members - who were maybe not as young, fun, smart, good looking, educated, connected, whatever. These dear brothers and sisters - left as second class citizens in the hierarchy created by the Living Stream.

I'm probably a good 20-30 years younger than you, but don't look down on me because of my youth. I don't have everything figured out, I've never claimed that. But I know God and He loves me. He works through me and works for me. My life is a living testimony to these facts. He has proven himself true not only through His word, but by speaking to me, and loving me as his precious son.

How dangerous are the teachings of Witness Lee and his ministry? I have no idea. But they are built on a weak foundation and continue to function through that. Those visiting this forum come to learn more, defend, ask questions, share testimony about the LSM churches - not hear about how bad the Beyonce church is, nor how XYZ denomination is crumbling towards the things of this world.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
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