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Default Re: How many is "a church"?

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Being gathered in the person and name of Jesus is what the recovery is all about..unlike the denominations. So gatherings in the name of some denomination do not count.
This is very telling -- 'The LRC is right, unlike denominations.' This is not to "humble yourself as a little child" -- and the chapter begins with this, that if you don't you can't even enter into the kingdom.

I would agree with you that the LRC is all about "we do it right and everyone else does it wrong". It is that arrogance that I have repented of.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Conversely the problem with your view is that if any two claimed to be gathered in the name of Jesus then you could easily deny that they are. If those two or three were significant people then you might take more notice.
I have no idea what you are saying other than it appears to be highly offensive. What do you mean by "significant people"? In my own experience whenever I have been in a meeting with "significant people" I have not detected the presence of Jesus. Perhaps the presence of "significant people" makes it hard to detect the presence of Jesus in the same way as someone with overpowering BO makes it hard to detect anything else and you are forced to take notice of them.
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