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Default Re: How do I know if I found the one true church?

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
It's not slanderous if it's true. We only have to look at the number of denominations and individual churches accepting of gay marriage for example to see how they are utilized by Satan.

And what about the idol worship in the Catholic church? Degradation or not?

If it's true then it's not slanderous.

But the degradation is because of denominational ism.

But with the list of things in the OP, that is slanderous because they are untrue statements. For example "14. Members must attend at least one “training” per year" is simply not the case.
Evengelical, you never address all of the corruption, bad practices, and false teachings at LSM. It's as if attacking all outsiders makes you look good.

Do you have any idea how many gays are in your LC's? Why is that so? If all degradation is because of denominational ism.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

You always default to homosexuality and idolatry when you haven't got a case.
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