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Default Red or Blue. Will You Remain in the Matrix?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
You will never find the foreword (pages 7-16) at There is good reason why. Following is a passage from page 11.

"The book The Fermentation of the Present Rebellion includes my spoken messages, but its content was edited afterward by me personally. I have carefully checked all the facts and have tried my best to be accurate, to be without any mistakes. In addition to an account of the beginning and development of the whole period of the rebellion, the content of that book includes personal testimonies from over thirty brothers. Therefore, concerning this storm, I have spoken the clarifying and concluding word that I needed to speak. I have absolutely no more interest in talking about this matter. This matter now stops here. I hope that you brothers who have come to attend this conference will not mention it anymore. It does not deserve any more mentioning."

Message given 4/18/90
Originally Posted by bearbear View Post
Wow the situation that verse describes was exactly what my parents experienced. The righteous were gradually were forced out by lies and false reports. My parents were among those casualties but who would want to stay in that environment anyway?
Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Generally, I believe those that stay in that environment are those who believe the falsehoods and those that see no viable alternatives to meet.

In my situation since the early 80's and all of the 90's my dad did not meet and for my mom, fellowship that comes from LSM co-workers is trusted.
For those who have been around these forums since earlier days, you know that I have had an occasional soft side toward the LRC, or at least the people trapped within it. But therein lies the problem. Even when it seems they really want to be there, they don't realize to what extent they are trapped. Why else would there be so many stories of those like Terry's parents, one that ceased meeting with anyone for almost two decades while the other just takes every word that proceeds from the mouth of the LSM.

Every time we soften up on the system because the underlying basics are clearly orthodox, we justify the system that traps people in serious error and even psychological danger and damage. The quote from Lee concerning Fermentation says it all. There is no hiding from the gross immorality that was PL. And there is no hiding from the fact that Lee had PL deep in his ministry since the 70s. And was warned twice of the things he was doing — not only in private, but on the very premises of the LSM's offices. Both events ultimately ended with the ouster of an otherwise close associate of Lee and a story fabricated to justify the ouster.

In the second instance, Lee went so far as to brag about how thoroughly he had verified the "facts" that were published in Fermentation. That should have been enough for him to receive the boot by all of the churches.

But the true facts were hidden. And it was aided by younger ones that saw themselves as the ones to succeed Lee. And the way that the rest of the garbage teachings are packaged as something so special, all you get is the picture painted by Terry. Gung ho with your eyes closed and your ears plugged or just stay home. I know a couple in this area who went through many years in the same condition. Probably many others as well.

My point in this is that the LRC is not healthy. Not as an institution and not as a place to be. It is like reading the nutrition label on the worst junk food you can imagine, finding one or two ingredients that are, by themselves, healthy, and deciding that a diet of nothing but that is a good thing. The truth is that many should not even consume it as an occasional splurge.

But to make it your entire diet is absolutely absurd.

Some will argue that there are no other teachers or writers who are perfectly correct. And I will agree. But most of them are willing to admit that they don't have it all down correctly. Of course, if they knew where they were wrong they would fix it. But in the case of Nee, Lee, the LRM, and the LRC, they have no desire to fix anything even though the parts that are OK are not what they really care about. That is the problem. The parts that they care about are the problem. Their emphasis is not only questionable . . . it is just plain wrong. Their emphasis is not on God has a purpose greater than salvation. It is on God has a purpose to build a church whose "ground" on political boundaries. They have determined that where you put the foundation is of first importance. You don't just have a foundation of Christ. It must be laid on certain ground. And that ground is decided by secular governments.

Do the analysis on any of their special teachings. How many of their special teachings are sound and useful and how many are enslaving people who want to be faithful to Christ to a system of a self-elected MOTA? The Pope at least does not elect himself.

And can a system that is so steeped in garbage teachings of the leader of a personality cult ever withstand the positional demise of that leader? Even years after his death? Are there too many problems that unraveling Lee and the LSM will destroy the fabric of the LRC? Is the fabric of the LRC, in total, the false teachings of Nee and Lee? Without them, is there an LRC? Is the very idea of "recovery" lost? Is the basis for their separate meeting gone? Will they wander like people who don't take the red pill. Who stay in their version of the Matrix.
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