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Originally Posted by OBW View Post
somewhere between “every word is specially ordained by God” and “that part is the natural concept of man” is the truth.

If we mean that the cause of it is Christ, or the force behind its very existence is Christ, I understand.
I wish I had time to respond to this post as it deserves. I think it's an outstanding piece of writing and I'd like to addend it to my thread on the Psalms. Because in making generalizations I was (I think) making assumptions that you've put here. I just didn't state them.

Three things, for brevity. First, when Peter in his great speech at Pentecost, saw different levels in the scriptural text. The failed, sinful David made a declaration which, to him, didn't come true. Yet Peter didn't spend much time on the "natural concepts" of David but rather said that David was foretelling something to come to his seed, Jesus the Nazarene. So I thought, why can't I use that same rule as well?

Second, similarly, the Hebrews author quotes the poetic scripture and says "We see Jesus". I similarly thought that I could do the same thing. Not at the same level, perhaps, not as 'objective truth', but still as my own particular spiritual journey, following Jesus.]

Third, in quotes like "none of his bones shall be broken" and "zeal of thine house has eaten me up", nowhere did I see the idea that the Christ was to be found only here, and the surrounding text was void of revelation.

Lee, essentially, did just that, which I found offensive. And that he imposed this as the rule in the church I found disgusting.

But in saying "the word is Christ" or some other hifalutin statement I didn't mean to impose the same rule, nor do I think that others who like a particular turn of phrase are also doing. Unless you make that explicit one can assume you simply like that turn of phrase. And it means to you whatever it means to you.

We will be judged by what we do, more than what words (or phrases) mean to us.
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