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Default Re: Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints

Originally Posted by askseek View Post
* young people leaving Christianity will likely continue to rise accross the board -- I say this because of the Internet, where atheists have a very loud voice, and overall trends of society becoming more secularized.

* I was in FTT for a time, and many of the trainees weren't that healthy in terms of attitude or practice. A large percentage go because of obligation/pressure. Not a good motive for successful training, even though the trainers themselves (Blendeds) seemed to think just getting them there is the main thing, then good things will happen.

* Haven't read anything of WL in a decade and gave away my box of books (almost entirely from FTT) years ago.
IMO, the blendeds are clueless when it comes to the needs of young people. Most I know who attended the FTT, had no desire to go, right up until the time when they were supposedly 'led' to go. And most had absolutely zero interest prior in reading LSM books or the Bible.
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