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Default Re: Finally I decided to not join Full time training.

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
I have had pressured on that too, Ohio. It has been a sort of campaign advertising on every young people's gathering to force them to make voluntary vows for FTT. It is antithetical to what Drake said that is a matter of consecration between them and the Lord which is NOT the case at all.

As for now I'm having difficulties to avoid this problem that granny is going to arrive home from the US this August. She will force me to send to the FTTMA otherwise persecution is inevitably certain.

Since what are these so-called Christians on Campus, a student religious organization, be a bias-free, inclusive Christian club; encompassing students from various denominational persuasions that at the end of their graduation they are being instilled in their minds to be trained at the FTT? Reprogramming is the end result with its localism drug intake. Isn't that sheep stealing? Oh boy I bet the LC would objectly reply, then, "Are those your sheep?"

The FTT Is voluntary, pressure from granny notwithstanding.

But, let me be clear.... it is a very good training for biblical studies, practical christian living, and character training for those who desire to work for the Lord. I've observed scruffy and rough transition to usefulness.

it would be good for anyone... yet, it is not for everyone...

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