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Originally Posted by aron View Post
......why is it that any Christian music pre-Nee can be held as part of our (LC) "goodly heritage"; but after Nee began to write hymns they were "degraded Christianity" and got rejected without consideration?

Anyone who has spent even a little time in the Lords Recovery knows that thousands of songs have been written post Nee, sung in meetings, recorded and distributed in cassettes and CDs, and now posted on the internet, and were a spontaneous overflow from the life, enjoyment, and light being experienced by the members. Those songs, in any number of "supplements" are a distinguishing hallmark of the Lords Recovery. Probably most ex-members here have favorites they still sing or hum and perhaps still chuckle over.

No where else will you find a such a collection or a practice and a true manifestation of "each one has" in song.

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