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YPO wrote: I did the ritual burning in accordance with approved protocols

Funny because it's true.

And sad because it is true.

Wow, what kind of place were we in? What a nut house.

Why did my husband and I leave the LC? Not because we disagreed with doctrines about the Trinity, or agreed with those doctrines. Not because of any doctrinal issues, really. It was because we got tired of seeing people get hurt. At the very place that should have been safe, people were getting hurt left and right.

And, sadly, the firestorm of the 1978 fleeing caused a lot of pain for a lot of people. My word, the families and friends that were at war. So sad.

And here we are, for many of us it is years later, and we are still needing to talk about it. Powerful.

YPO, glad you are here. Glad we are ALL here.

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