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Originally Posted by Renee View Post
I did ask LR about the saints being called back from Europe, and she would say no more, saying she didn't want to feed gossip and only wanted to focus on what was good, holy wonderful etc., -- however that verse goes? Oh yes, the only way the LSM can survive is to program blind obedience into their followers. But I will ask again sometime.
The local church is excellent with information control. If only our politicians were half as astute as this! Really, the key is not to pry, but to continually hold forth the Christ that you see, beckoning us all forward. Whatever info your lr has about "the Lord's move", so-called, will begin to jar against the Christ plainly revealed in scripture.

The Lord moves with power: the heavens burst open, the walls shake, the noise sounds like a freight train, like thunder, like the sound of many waters. Don't be distracted by wars and rumours of wars, or by weak and pale counterfeits. Stay in Jerusalem and wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Seek nothing else. See e.g. Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4.
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