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Default Re: Berkeley to MIT, to freedom

Originally Posted by aron View Post
This person's [Mr. Muno] Berkeley LC experience was probably doomed as soon as he refused to wear the "God-Man" baseball cap.
Maybe so bro Aron. It would depended on how many other disappointments to them he had racked up. The hive can tolerate a little dissonance here and there in brothers (and sisters) to try to bring them along, with hopes of eventual full assimilation.

But you likely won't recover if you should come against Witness Lee, or a elder. At least that was my experience. But I went down hard. Some I know managed to just quietly walk out and away. I bucked it to the bitter end ... until I was told I had to take the lead elder's personality as my own. That all happened because I spoke out against Witness Lee's claim to be the apostle on the earth (oracle, authority ... etc ... etc .. ad nauseum).

But before the final show down, even in my burning brother days, there were many times that I refused to wear the "God-Man Cap," metaphorically speaking. Yet many, very many, as reported by that despicable ignorant elder, as it turns out, looked up me as if I was not only inside the hive, but an agent of the hive.

Perhaps it was because I was taught at the feet of "the great one," early on in The Church in Detroit, by none other than the illustrious Ron Kangas himself. I wouldn't say I was his best student, but he did try to teach me about giving testimonies, and how to pick up on "the moment of learning." So I guess I had gotten pretty good at being a burning brother, in the darn cult (before I realized it was a cult).

Sorry to carry on so. I guess the God-Man Cap touched a button.

Originally Posted by Aron
What made it pernicious in the LC case was that Conformity to the Hive was sold on pseudo-spiritual terms, like "oneness" and "fellowship" and "the feeling of the Body" and "the flow from the throne" and so forth.
I call this a sleight of mind trick. It's similar to the Jedi mind trick, but with more peas and shells coming at you so fast you can't keep up. I think Galatians 3:1 terms it "bewitched." And I know firsthand how bewitching it can be. I'm sure Mr. Muno understands that too.

Originally Posted by Aron
A Deputy Program Leader's whim ("Hey! Let's all wear 'I'm a God-Man' baseball caps!") is taken as "life" by the Program Robots, as tantamount to the breath of God, to living water from the rock, and any reticence is deemed unbelief, and deviation as treason against Heaven.
Oh the "Life" trick. That's a good one. Turns out whatever threatened the hive, or its leader, was death. And conformity to the hive was "Life." How convenient!!!
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