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Unhappy LC Raised Child - Spiritual warfare in household (Help!)

Hi Everyone,

I grew up in the LC of Asia (afraid to specify where exactly) and my parents were brought in around 20 years ago by other relatives of ours in other parts of the world.

I've been observing this forum for awhile but was nervous about posting on here but I fear that my family will soon be ripped apart because I have left the LC. Note that both my parents have both gone to the MTT.

I have grown up to believe (like many of you) that the LC is the only Church on the right path, like the Church in Philadelphia and all the other churches are fallen like the Church in Laodicea or Pergamum. I have attended the meetings, summer training and lived with LC sisters throughout my university years, but I still wouldn't consider myself a very "passionate" sister - who would read the Morning Revivals and Life studies ritualistically like many do. Of course I enjoyed the church life, studying and living with the sisters, but I was always somewhat bothered by how ..mindless (?) some seemed.

For example, a lot of the sisters that I've spoken to weren't clear on what "God's economy" meant (believe it or not). From my understanding, the crux of Witness Lee's ministry is the notion of God's economy! Other problems I encountered were that it seemed the sisters believed everything they were told and did not question because, like what Jane Anderson said, the elders say that the question mark is the shape of a snake and therefore questioning is from Satan. The last time I heard this being taught was, I think, 6 years ago in Anaheim? I didn't interact too much with brothers, given how strict the church is about male and female interaction so I won't comment too much on it. I don't mean to sound so critical, they are good people as a whole, prideful but passionate for the Lord. (Prideful for being passionate for the Lord?)

A lot of the saints that I've met in Asia are truly wonderful and a lot of the younger people here are truly seeking the Lord but I fear that some of them are receiving negligent guidance.. A year before I left the LC, a girl questioned some of the leading brothers during bible study about whether the LC is related to some cult and that her pastor had negative views over Witness Lee. The leading brothers flew into a rage and said " I WAS WITNESS LEE'S PERSONAL STUDENT, I'VE SEEN HIM FACE TO FACE. TELL YOUR PASTOR TO COME SEE ME, I'LL SUE HIM MYSELF". (Words may have been slightly altered but something along those lines). I was deeply shocked at how emotional the leading brothers were over things being said about Witness Lee. The girl wasn't criticizing Christ or the Bible..

Ok, now some of you might be wondering how I left the LC. By God's grace, my closest friend (also a sister from another church) was introduced to the LC by her husband and they both started attending the LC in the US. My boyfriend also started attending the LC with me. After a couple of months, my friend and boyfriend noticed something wrong with the church. I won't go into details as there have already been many testimonies on this For months, they were both pleading with me and praying for me to open my eyes and see that Witness Lee and not Christ is the center of this church!! I would fight with my boyfriend over it for many months and our relationship suffered, but he remained patient with me. He would try not to argue with me but speak to me with gentleness and love, then pray for me over the phone as I wept silently. At the same time, he would rebut everything I believed with scripture. For example, all the emphasis given on LIFE - there's not just Life but also Truth.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me... John 14:6

My boyfriend also sat down with my dad to try and fellowship with him over the problems he found in Witness lee's book "Basic Elements of a Christian Life" but to no avail. My dad would say that we must read everything Witness Lee writes in order to see what WL really means! You must look at it from the entire context of the Bible. I pointed out that the RcV bible is missing the word "adoption" from Ephesians 1:5, but my dad told me that the RcV is the most accurate bible so we must look at the original Greek. Even after showing my dad the original Greek, he still says "sonship" and "adoption" means the same thing. Then he tried to pressure my boyfriend and I to speak with a brother who works at the DCP (Defense and Confirmation Project). My boyfriend soon realized that this is a spiritual stronghold and that no logical/ rational explanation could be used to convince my dad that he is defending Witness Lee and not Christ. Not even meeting with the brother in the DCP or any elder.

My parents have used all forms of manipulation to pull me back into the LC. Some of saints have also tried to offer me positions to help out at Church in an effort to possibly bring me back (?) Perhaps, I should look at this from a positive perspective and see that they miss me a lot and it is all out of good will (I don't doubt this either) I am told that I'm a lost sheep and they will try to make an effort to "save me".

I have read The Thread of Gold and a bit of John Ingalls book "Speaking Truth in Love" (although, this book made me feel even more bitter towards the LC so I stopped reading it in the middle) but none of it could offer me any insights into how to deal with my current situation. If anyone could recommend any other books which may help me, please let me know. I'm also reading "The bait of Satan" by John Bevere.

My parents and I would fight almost every day until I leave home for a bit. Then they would calm down for awhile and it would begin again. I'm disappointed with myself for not being able to find strength in the Lord and speak with gentleness (as my bf did to me). My friend told me that remaining in the church is like poison that will eat into you slowly. My parents, like most LC-ers are heavily engaged in church affairs so there's not much chance for me to invite them to other churches. They need to see that other churches also have big conferences and are actually very much united.

I hope that posting on here isn't showing dishonor to my parents, we've always been very close but I really don't know where else to turn at this point. They're making my relationship with my bf very difficult because of the church issues. They think that he is the only reason why I've left and the reason why our family is having problems. They would only be satisfied if I date a brother from the LC even though my dad used to say "As long as he loves the Lord". It's really starting to appear like I have no choice but to leave home.
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