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Originally Posted by New Beginnings View Post
I suppose I'm still just a stubborn and willful child. The Lord will gain me though and perhaps He will use my stubbornness for His will.
Nothing you have posted here indicates this about you.

Perhaps the LC folks have convinced you of this as part of their manipulation, kind of like saying "you are too clever for your own good," whenever you are simply attempting to follow the Lord and care for your own family.


Here is a personal testimony of mine which helped to liberate my mind from LC manipulations. For decades I was taught that we "cannot separate Christ and the church." Lee used this phrase all the time. This was loosely based on Paul's own conversion when Jesus said to him, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me." (Acts 9.4)

Right after leaving the LC, one Sunday my wife and I were at the nearby community church, and at some point the minister said, "Christ is first, then our family, then our work, then the church." Lights finally went off in my head. I dwelt on this phrase for perhaps months, as if emerging from a dense fog.

It slowly dawned on me how clouded my thinking had become. In a nutshell, when we place "Christ and the church" first in our hearts, we end up with neither Christ nor our family. Think about it. Endless hours of serving the church replaces our personal relationship with Jesus, and we are convinced that we are doing what God is pleased with. These same endless hours of serving the church replaces our family, and we are convinced that God will take care of them.

Something that sounded so good ended up destroying what we loved the most, but our conscience was bribed by Lee that "all was well."
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