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To the two women who want to leave the LC, but are married to men who are committed to the program:

I'd like to recommend a book that has helped me and several people I know, called "The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage," by Stormie O'Martian. And it was a former LC member who recommended O'Martian's books to me. She also wrote "The Power of a Praying Wife," and other books on prayer.

You can look it up on Amazon, read the reviews, the table of contents, etc. I really recommend it. The book could be a way for you to pray for your husband consistently, but not focused on the LC. For example there are chapters on anger, communication breakdown, hardness of heart, financial issues, sexual issues, caring for children, chemical dependency, etc. There are prayers at the end of each chapter that are really excellent. Again, you can pray in a way that covers your whole marriage, and not just the LC issues. But of course the LC effects everything in your life, so there will be some overlap. I can testify that the prayers are effective. Most importantly, the prayers are a vehicle to deepen your relationship with the Lord, who knows exactly what you are going through, and who will shepherd you through it.

Another suggestion: find a Christian teacher on the radio or TV that you like, and listen to them consistently. Here are a few: Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyer, Tony Evans, Rick Warren, Philip De Courcy, Alistair Begg, June Hunt. There are many others, all with different styles and backgrounds. Find one who speaks to you. Then, prayerfully consider what you can share with your husband. Perhaps some insight into a verse, or some practical application of Biblical teaching to your daily life. There's a wealth of gifted teachers out there, and you can plant seeds in your husband when it's appropriate. You can gradually help him realize that the Lord is working in many places, through many members.

Grace to you in your difficult journey!
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