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Default Re: Post-Recovery: A Testimony

Originally Posted by InOmnibusCaritas View Post
"God's economy" as a hermeneutical paradigm within the ambit of Biblical Theology (see Graeme Goldsworthy's trilogy for example) is admissible theology. I do see it pop up in various form in peer-reviewed journal. Of course, any single theme within Biblical Theology inevitably flattens the Bible. Stuff that doesn't fit well with the motif are often ignored and sometimes devalued (e.g., Lee's view of the Psalter/James; Luther's view of James/Jude/Hebrews/Revelation).

The secret, therefore, is to appreciate as many Biblical threads as possible. The "exact same processed food" stems from a mono-tracked reading (oikonomia) of the Bible, while the judgmental attitude results from the belief that they are the only people in the world who knows the oikonomia strand. Very sad.
Thanks for these balanced and thoughtful comments about "God's economy" which is in faith.
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