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Default Re: In a period of discernment

The thing with this group is that they simultaneously manage to look orthodox to outsiders, to improve their recruiting rate, and still condemn all outsiders as not being the legitimate, true, genuine church. So from the outside they will try to impress you that they are a legitimate Christian group. Then, once you are in, they will continually discredit everyone else. And I mean everyone. They speak that only the local churches make God happy.

Then, when stuff starts to bother you, you turn around and there is no way out. Because they've convinced you that everything else, and I mean everything, is "Babylon", "degraded", "fallen", etc. So you have no where to go.

So they will try to look inviting and relaxing when you are outside. That is to get you in. Then, they will continually knock down all alternatives to "the church life", so you are stuck. I have seen this tactic used successfully; other groups use this tactic as well. The Mormons make a big deal about how they are a legitimate Christian church. But once you are in they will convince you that they are "special", that nobody else has legitimacy. So you are trapped.

They speak out of both sides of their mouth: to outsiders they are "just plain ol' folks", just like everyone else. But to the insiders they are special. Nobody else has their revelation. Nobody else can fulfill God's plan. You are special, now; you are with us. Not "just a Christian"; now you are a "local church saint".
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