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Default Re: In a local church only a few months... and now leaving.

I have always had an issue with the LC saying that it is the "movement of the age" and that WL is the "apostle of the age". There is no mention of some great prophet or apostle rising from the land of the dragon (China) in the last days to bring all Christians back into the "true form" of meeting in Scripture. Honestly, brethren, don't you think that the Lord would be sure to mention that this special apostle was coming so that we would not "miss the boat"? Would He not want all of His saints to partake? If this is the TRUE church meeting in the TRUE way, would He not say something to make us watch for it? I realize that they lay hold of Philadelphia and claim to be that church. However, is it not THEY who say (when it comes to receiving light from any Christian not dead and long gone) "we are rich and have need of nothing?" Not like Philadelphia--but Laodicea.

I simply have never been able to "overcome" the incredible audacity of someone getting to the "playground" last and declaring himself "king of the hill". I guess that this means that I am NOT an overcomer and never will be!

And regarding what Igzy shared (and I agree!) about being spiritual--I would only say that all that it takes to be "spiritual" is to be focusing on the Lord Jesus and God the Father with love. At that moment, we are spiritual. There is no recipe, no mantra, only looking into His Beautiful Face and loving Him as we go through each day.
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