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Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
Your statement of belief states that God (who is spirit) became a human being (Jesus) and then Jesus turned back into a spirit after resurrection. This sounds more modalistic rather than trinitarian or perhaps a hybrid of some kind. Haven't yet given it too much thought.
The fact that the 4th-century church split apart after having just these sorts of conversations shows me a danger here. We are unfortunately too smart by half.

If Mary is the mother of Jesus, and Jesus is God, then Mary is the Mother of God, right?

Do you see my point? Our logic can lead us into perilous waters.

What happens today is that we can know what Witness Lee or Calvin thought of such things, or what we think, or even what Augustine thought. But we don't know what Jesus thought, as we have no contemporary systematic breakdown of his thought-world. We can at best only approximate it. We do know that he believed he would go to Jerusalem, and be ill-treated, and killed, and on the third day rise (Mark 9:31).

And we know that we believe. We should not let our thought-worlds drive us apart. Lee was a master at this. "Divide and conquer" should have been the motto emblazoned at LSM. Pretty much all of his teachings were levers, designed to pry us apart. Just look at the fruit and you should recognize the tree.
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