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One thing comes to mind is....Jesus was faithful to cast out demons and Satan when he encountered poor souls afflicted by their possession. Many people still today are possessed, and if they choose to be set free, we ministers of Christ can cast them out in Jesus' name, by the power of the Holy Spirit and they can be set free.

Just ask this of your stance on this matter....would Jesus really come down and make His abode in us.....and merely tolerate Satans' presence throughout a human lifetime??

It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever! I have faith that when a person believes into Jesus as the son of God, receives the Holy Spirit, and is born again....even if that person were afflicted with demonic or Satanic possession....before or after being regenerated....I believe Jesus would assuredly lead that person into an awareness of said unclean spirit....and lead them to help ridding themselves of it. Jesus never left a person alone, possessed, if they sought freedom!!!! Right? Anyone else agree with this thought?

His compassion for us is too great. He would not abide with Satan. This is the most disgusting aberration from Gods word. Please, brothers Drake, Evangelical....consider carefully...I am the least of the least of sisters.....but I HAVE the Spirit of God indwelling me.
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