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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Dr Tomes has a degree in economics. Maybe he is really great at economics. I don’t know. I do know that in this op-ed about what Brother Lee taught concerning Satan and sin he missed the boat badly. His methodology leads him to leave out important details... like ‘Satan as sin”.

I like that you bring in outside credible viewpoints like Dr. Burrows. Almost every forum participant has expressed indignation that Brother Lee did not surround himself with theologians to balance his ideas. That is water under the bridge but it is ironic that some participants have objected to your bringing in those outside viewpoints. Anyway, Nigel Tomes is entitled to his opinion and I am sure he is a nice brother but he is no more informed about biblical truths than anyone in this forum. Sometimes he acts less informed.

[Sorry. Off topic] Have to say I am really disappointed. Not long ago you said everyone here is having scriptural conversation. Then Evangelical and you started establishing/discounting credibility based on what PhD degree someone has.

Following your pattern of speech, can I say "WL has no degree in anything. Maybe he is really great at nothing" ?
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