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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
It is easier for Dr. Tomes to craft an argument and gain support from dissenters by polarizing the points Brother Lee made rather than to deal with the intended meaning as Brother Lee delivered them. He just repeats old rhetoric to rally the base. And though it works for the base, it's shoddy workmanship nevertheless.
You have become nothing more than a shill for LSM.

And these quotes in your post are just dishonest. What about the ones which both a little brother and I posted the other day. I'll provide some of Lee's quotes below since your memory appears to be shot:[INDENT][I][COLOR=purple][FONT=Verdana]"The body is something satanic and devilish because Satan dwells in this body. All the lusts are in this corrupted body, which is called the flesh. The Word reveals that the lust is “the lust of the flesh” (Gal. 5:16). The flesh is the corrupted body full of lusts and indwelt by Satan. Now you see that the fall of man was not just a matter of man committing something against God but of man receiving Satan into his body. Satan, from the time of the fall, dwells in man. This is what happened when man partook of the second tree.

We must apply the cross to our soul because Satan dwells in our flesh and seeks to control our soul. [B]Our soul has been saturated with Satan himself. Our mind, will, emotion, self, soul-life, and relationship with the world have been saturated and permeated with Satan.

Sin itself, according to the Bible's revelation, is Satan himself. When sin came into the created man, Satan came into him...One day, Satan got into man. Sin is Satan getting into you…Sin is a living person. This living person is Satan. Satan outside of you is not sin. When Satan gets into you, that is sin. Satan in you is sin. We have to realize where Satan is in our being. He is in our flesh…because the flesh is fully possessed, taken over, by Satan as sin.”
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