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Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
One can replace the word love in 1 Cor 13 with God
This word substitution may sound "spiritual" to you, but not to me.

Perhaps this explains one of the reasons why TLR is so short of love.

Why is it that those in TLR only seem to love their own?

Jesus said we should love our enemies and love those who cannot repay us, but those in TLR only love those who come to their meetings. Just ask byHisMercy.

Like Jesus says, you have become no different from the Gentile sinners.

When so many testify on this forum that there is little love in TLR, perhaps the reality is that there is very little God in TLR. Go back and read the tragic story of byHismercy's excommunication, before you start playing these word games with us.

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