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Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
I think the Lord really wanted us to know SIN IS SIN. Really interesting, don't you think? He knew there would be a great confusion, an erroneous teaching....He is so very clear....
Well said! If Satan is dwelling in our flesh, this is certainly an important piece of information Paul would write about.

I always feel that God's wisdom is so wonderful that His mistery is not hidden as obscured parts in the scripture. Some are just there in the plain text yet many people are not able to see. And they try to build complicated theological systems and terminology on top to make the truth more difficult to see.

WL was particularly fond of saying "X is a person" as if it represents some higher truth or knowledge. And this habit is inherited by many LCers. I just did a quick search...
Sin is a person, life is a person, grace is a person, justification is a person, our oneness is a person, the "place" in John 14 is a person, the sower is a person, the seed is a person, the kingdom is a person, ...

It is like when God wants to tell us what to do by being specific, WL would hold us back by pointing everything back to the "person" so that we don't do anything and just "eat the Lord". Ends up many became sayers than doers.
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