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Why does Satan need to be "manufactured" omnipresent? He simply corrupted humanilty and the law of sin and death now operates autonomously within the flesh. He doesn't need to be there at all. Of course, from time to time, he might send out his minions too.

As for the "attacks from Satan" saying, probably it is just pointing to the source of the attack. In fact, such saying is quite popular in the LC too. I think they sometimes might have misrecognized certain acts of God to be from Satan.

You know what, neither WL needs to be omnipresent to implant his teachings to the LCers. He doesn't even need the Internet. A publishing house and a team of minions will do.
Brett Burrowes explains how the idea of an autonomous, independent sinful nature/self is possibly wrong:

F. F. Bruce, the well-known British evangelical scholar, writes in his commentary that this means that those who sin have their spiritual source in the devil. So the origin of all sins (and not just Adam’s!) is in the devil himself and not in a defective or corrupted human nature.

Now I think about it, the bible does not say "resist your sinful nature", it does say however "resist the devil, and he will flee". (James 4:7).
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