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Hi saints, I originally posted under the name eyesopened, under someone elses' introduction, and I'd like to apologize for that...I think that was not the appropriate place to jump in...

I feel like now's good to share some of my experience of the witness lee church. This is because very recently, this week, as I was reflecting on the events that led me out of the LC, I began to realize the Lords operation over me, and His sovereign intervention on my behalf, and His sheltering care of my kiddos, of our family. More than just a testimony, or a cautionary tale of Lees' local church, I wish to share His faithfulness to shepherd me, His dependability, and to show how trustworthy Jesus is, always. In so many ways, He prepared me beforehand all the situations I was to encounter throughout my shunning, or quarantining, or whatever the LC would like to name it. They are the ones concerned with names, let it be known. Except for the one name we, as believers, need to hold as highest, that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I apologize in advance if this testimony feels disjointed or simply raises questions.....

One detail to illustrate His 'preparation' of me was to come as a renewed desire, deep and sure, my feeling that He wanted me in His word, daily and consistently, I feel that He told me to read the bible cover to cover, then begin it again the day I finished it...He gave me this impulse after some time in His word and prayer, and so when the next day, a dear sister in the Lord, a LCer, encouraged me to read and study the Life Study of Exodus with her, I regretfully declined as He had already put His instruction on my heart! And with three young children, I knew I could not accomplish both. I am not one of those supermoms, sort of the opposite, actually.

Later, the same dear sister had wanted me to read some portions of some WLee book, I don't know which, forgive me. She wanted me to know exactly how much the Lord HATES division, denominations, particularly. However, the Lord had already had His own fellowship with me regarding His body, it's oneness, and born from talking to Him, my hearts great desire was to practice that oneness with EVERY redeemed, Jesus believing, Spirit filled saint....forgetting city boundaries, denomination boundaries, condition, etc. Qualified by Jesus name...that is who I love! Because of His love for me. My friend in the LC called me up to see if I had read the portion a few days later and I had to be honest...that though I loved her, I DID NOT want to read anything anymore that would poison me against meeting with saints in Christ, no matter where...and that, He put in me, He knew exactly what I would face, before I did.

I had been deeply deceived, saints. For years, I believed into what I was being taught in the Lee church. Never good enough to meet with them, because of personality traits of my own, yet longing to be with believers, pursuing Him in His word, fully convinced that outside of the LC was truth, no life, no building...I was lied to. And, I was naive. My parents could have named me Naive and no one would have thought it strange.

We were first cut off (from fellowship, friendship) by an older sister in Christ whom our family loved greatly. In fact, she led me to believe her dropping of our family was her obeying the Lord. This came from someone who I trusted and viewed as having a better walk, a deeper connection to Him. I thought and feared that He Himself was dropping me, or punishing me, or trying to rebuke me somehow. Then I had our other sister in Christ telling me, that the woman who dropped us knew when the building was just straw, to be burned, of course. And that my mentor in Christ, was waiting for me in the meetings. I began to understand....I was being shunned outside the meetings, but would be embraced, and worthy to speak to, if I came into the meetings. This was the Lord opening the door a crack for me, of course, I pushed open the door and was stunned by what I found. The truth about this idolatrous group came into broad daylight and I understood, after months of this silent treatment....that I and my precious children, who trust in Jesus, had been sacrificed on their alter to their real god, Witness Lee, a mere man, dead 20 years now. No matter the reality we share of His blood, His atoning death and resurrection, His Spirit, His Father, our common inheritance in Christ...none of that matters. We are Not To Be Spoken To. Rightly said Steven would be funny if it weren't so tragic. Or is it the other way around?

But I have to glory in Jesus, because, on the far side of our quarantining, we are about 7 months out now, I see His sovereighnty in all of this mess! In fact, I have to say, His work here is divinely in our favor, NOT a mess! And although we lost ones whom we loved, He is working out compassion in my heart which, naturally was full of pain, indignation, anger towards those we loved, trusted as dear friends, who deceived us. The truth is, when I consider all that has taken place, and the darkness that has been exposed, I want to run to my friends and companions in Christ and show them...look! Look what the LC believes! Look what egregious acts they perpetrate on true believers!!!! And it is the saddest fact, that, they know. They themselves are the ones dividing the Lords' body. How foolish of me to want to warn them of this deception being played out by Satan, trying to destroy the body, the oneness that we in actuality share. Actually, I would attempt to have this conversation, but I feel, in effect, locked communicaes go unanswered, phone calls not taken, etc. Unless we meet our sisters' qualifications for a minimum of twice a month, and lunch with the sisters in the ministry on Fridays. This, by the way, to take place 30 miles from our home, where the Lee church meets, in order to be reinstated as worthwhile to meet with an old dear friend who lives within 5 miles of us.....what??? That is Deception talking the talk and walking the walk.

How thankful I am, my precious Savior would not tolerate us remaining in deception any longer! What mercy! What love! What grace I am under! His is the only name I will bow to, forever, saints. I love Him. He alone deserves all glory.
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