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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Any controversy over the name is not the reason the group is not named simply CoC. The group believes that the "real name" of the group is "just Christians". Why then do you expect the group to name themselves something else on campus just because everyone else does? They are being consistent with their beliefs.
You should expect transparency like "everyone else does" bc it's the honest and straightforward thing to do. What are your thought's on why they would call themselves something other than the group name- the Lord's Recovery or The church in (random locality)? Yes, they're "Christians on campus" - they actually are! But why are they even saying that? Why not just call yourself the actual name of the group?

If other Christians besides ones who are employed by or attend the local church were organizing this club then CoC would seem acceptable as a description of the group based on varied backgrounds of Christians coming together to form this club.

We both know that's not the case. The only people involved in running this club are local church full-timers or members. Clearly, the tactic of a lack of transparency being used as a recruiting tactic is not hitting home for you- even though its a common practice with other groups when recruiting.

Transparency about who your group is made up of is the honest and straightforward way. As a former part of this group (admittedly I just worked with them several times) I was taught how to "inoculate" people against Witness Lee.

Are you still keeping your stance that they just called themselves that bc "they're Christians and they happen to be on campus?"

Being in a bubble has its benefits sometimes- I get it. The truth is sometimes hard to swallow and at one point, I shared your mindset. I hope your eyes, and others, will be opened someday to the truth behind CoC and their less than honest/healthy practices.
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