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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
...every so-called "storm" in the history of the Recovery came about because the members of the LC's demanded accountability from their leaders..
When I read the letter from Jo Casteel, I saw a person trying to reclaim their life and thoughts after 38 years of total domination by another.

In the LC, to attempt to think is termed rebellion against God. If you notice something isn't right you have guilty feelings because you must be "off" and your soul is "dark". This makes people borderline psychotic because clearly things are not perfect but they are supposed to pretend they are. If they point out problems they are called "negative" and "leprous" and so forth. The only recourse is a kind of split personality where the "real you" is kept safely locked in a box and the "fake you" is on display for all to see. If you try to bring out the "real you" the negative sanctions are overwhelming.

Earlier I went on the LSM FB page, and they'd put the banners from the recent Chinese conference. One banner was about "Body-revelation" leading to "Body-consciousness" in which "individualistic thought is ruled out". So the Deputy God (DG) can have individualistic thought and start a motor home company with church members' money. Then when the money is gone, DG can say, "None of your business" if the investors want to know what happened. DG can put his admittedly unspiritual son as Office Manager, then when the son repeatedly molests the office help, the DG railroads all those who notice and speak up.

In all this I see individualistic (i.e. selfish) thought from the DG. Yet no one else is supposed to? And if we notice this we're guilty of thought-crime?
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