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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

My point is best seen by a question - what has the Witness Lee church done for your faith or anyone else you know in your community?

Lee's teaching forced me to really question my sense of reality, who God is, and how He's moving on the earth. It is a different gospel - focused solely on the works of a fallen man and the culture he desired for the group that meets in his name. The Lord very physically removed me from this group and placed me back on solid ground - He is so gracious to me in so many ways. I couldn't speak for certain, but I would have to say that Witness Lee has had no impact what so ever on my community. In speaking more in more broad sense of community I would also say that Witness Lee likely has had no impact.

What have they taught you that you did not know before?

Nothing. Anything I could attribute to Witness Lee and his church that would be considered positive, I have also found through other means outside of the "recovery". I could list dozens of things I have been taught that would be considered negative.

If we ask that question to 10 believers we know, I doubt many would even know what and where the Witness Lee church is.

If I asked 10 believers I know, 0 would know anything about Witness Lee and his supposed recovery. I could ask 50 believers, 100, the answer would still be 0.
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