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Roger and all,

Igzy got the facts right, and the words pretty right (if not right on).

Don: While you may not really know who the Moody Blues are, there is a least one song that you probably have heard Nights in White Satin. I might find one or two others you have heard, like Tuesday Afternoon. Both were from 1967.

They are still performing til this day, often with orchestras. I like the music, and while there are probably things to be said about some of the lyrics, they did have a "philosophy" that represents much of man's seeking. While it did not help them find Christ, it did speak to man's hopes, dreams, doubts, and even fantasies. Sometimes the idea of "knowing the times" can be aided by knowing the writings of the modern poets and philosophers.

In any case, the "by line" tells about me. I spend a lot of time in my thinking. But no matter how certain I appear at times, I understand that I may just be "thinking."
I once thought I was. . . . but I may have been mistaken Edge (with apologies)
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